Giovanni Battista Doria

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Giovanni Battista Doria (1470 – March 1563) was a doge of Genoa.

He was born in Genoa, the son of Agostino Doria and Soprana Grimaldi. His fortunes were tightly connected with those of Andrea Doria. After the latter's fleet had disembarked in the port of Genoa, Giovanni Battista was sent by French governor Teodoro Trivulzio to investigate the admiral's intentions. Later, when the Republic had been restored, he was elected doge in 1537 at the presence of Andrea Doria. During his two years of rule, new walls were built near the Acquasola Gate.

He died at Genoa in 1563. Two of his sons, Nicolò and Agostino, were also doge in 1579-1581 and 1601-1603.

Preceded by
Cristoforo Rosso Grimaldi
Doge of Genoa
4 January 1537 – 4 January 1539
Succeeded by
Giannandrea Lungo Giustiniani