Giovanni Battista Egisto Sivelli

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Giovanni Battista Egisto Sivelli
Born (1843-11-22)November 22, 1843
Kingdom of Sardinia Genoa, Kingdom of Sardinia
Died November 1, 1934(1934-11-01) (aged 90)
Kingdom of Italy Genoa, Kingdom of Italy
Allegiance Kingdom of Italy Kingdom of Italy
Rank Lieutenant

Expedition of the Thousand

Third Italian War of Independence

Giovanni Battista Egisto Sivelli (November 22, 1843 – November 1, 1934) was an Italian military veteran and the last surviving soldier of the Expedition of the Thousand. At age 16, Sivelli secretly fled his home and joined Giuseppe Garibaldi in May, 1860. Having been present in every battle of the expedition, he was discharged as a lieutenant. In 1866, Giovanni joined the Italian Army and fought in the Third Italian War of Independence. On May 5, 1915, he, along with a few other survivors, were present at the revealing of a new monument dedicated to the Thousand. Sivelli died on November 1, 1934.[1]


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