Giovanni Battista Maganza

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Giovanni Battista Maganza
San Girolamo - Giovanni Battista Maganza dettaglio.png
Giovanni Battista Maganza, Saint Jerome penitent (1570), detail. San Marco in San Girolamo, Vicenza.
Born c. 1513
Calaone near Vicenza
Died August 25, 1586
Other names Magagnò (pseudonym)
Occupation artist, poet

Giovanni Battista Maganza (c. 1513–August 25, 1586) was a late Renaissance Italian painter and poet, from Vicenza in the area of Calaone, mainly producing religious altarpieces for local churches.


Altarpiece for church of San Giorgio, Vicenza

Maganza was also a poet and a friend of Andrea Palladio. He visited Rome between 1546 and 1547 and also met Gian Giorgio Trissino and the poet Marco Thiene, he was member of the Accademia Olimpica (Olympic Academy) in Venice where he designed costumes for the play Oedipus Rex, the first opera presented at the Palladio-designed Teatro Olimpico.[1]

He made poets, composed satire in the Pavan dialect under the pseudonym Magagnò.

His son Alessandro Maganza was also a prominent local painter. Fontana cites Lanzi and Zanetti as Maganza's dates of birth and death as 1509 and 1589[2] Giovanni De Mio was one of his pupils.


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