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Giovanni Battista Savelli (1422, Rome - September 18, 1498, Castel Gandolfo) was an Italian cardinal from the 15th century. Of the noble Savelli family to which belonged Pope Honorius III (1216–1227) and Pope Honorius IV (1285–1287) and Cardinals: Bertrando Savelli, Silvio Savelli, Giulio Savelli, Fabrizio Savelli, Paolo Savelli and Domenico Savelli. He was called the Cardinal Savelli.

Early life and education[edit]

He was honoured protonotary apostolic.Named governor of Bologna, 1468 - 1470. There is no data about his education.


Savelli was created cardinal in pectore by Pope Paul II in May or June 1471,because of the opposition of Cardinal Latino Orsini and was not admitted to the Papal conclave, 1471.Created cardinal deacon by Pope Sixtus IV in the consistory of May 15, 1480 and received the deaconry of Ss. Vito e Modesto. Appointed legate to Genoa to reestablish the peace between the Fregoso and the Adorno families and to supervise the arming of the papal fleet against the Ottoman Empire.In the controversy with the Orsinis, he was accused of treason by Pope Sixtus IV and was held in Castel Sant'Angelo together with Cardinal Giovanni Colonna. On November 15, 1483 he was liberated.Opted for the deaconry of San Nicola in Carcere on March 17, 1484. Participated in the Papal conclave, 1484. Pope Innocent VIII named him legate in Bologna in 1484. He took part in the conclave of 1492. Administrator of the see of Mallorca (March 27, 1493 - August 31, 1492. Named Archpriest of the patriarchal Liberian Basilica from September 1492 until his death.Death on September 18, 1498, in his family's domain of Castel Gandolfo. His body was transferred to Rome and buried in the church Santa Maria in Aracoeli.


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