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Giovanni Bertone (left) with his son Giuseppe "Nuccio" Bertone (right)

Giovanni Bertone (1884 in Mondovì, Piedmont – 10 May 1972[1] in Turin[2]) was an Italian automobile designer, known for establishing the Carrozzeria Bertone business.

Life and career[edit]

Bertone was the sixth of the seven sons from a farming family. He had worked as a carriage wheelmaker, and was employed at Diatto (1907) when he established his own carriage building and repair shop in Corso Peschiera (1912).

Being a friend of Vincenzo Lancia, he got contracts from Fiat and thus entered the automobile design market, his first self made car body being based on a (Società Piemontese Automobili) S.P.A. 9000 in 1921.[2] Another early success at this time was the Fiat 501 competition car.[2] Subsequently, Bertone also designed many Lancia cars.[2] His son Nuccio Bertone (1914–1997) took over the company in 1950.[1]


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