Giovanni Frattini

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Giovanni Frattini
Giovanni Frattini.jpg
Born (1852-01-08)8 January 1852
Rome, Italy
Died 21 July 1925(1925-07-21) (aged 73)
Rome, Italy
Nationality Italian
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics
Doctoral advisor Giuseppe Battaglini
Eugenio Beltrami

Giovanni Frattini (8 January 1852 – 21 July 1925) was an Italian mathematician, noted for his contributions to group theory.


Frattini entered the University of Rome in 1869, where he studied mathematics with Giuseppe Battaglini, Eugenio Beltrami, and Luigi Cremona, obtaining his Laurea in 1875.

In 1885 he published a paper where he defined a certain subgroup of a finite group. This subgroup, now known as the Frattini subgroup, is the subgroup Φ(G) generated by all the non-generators of the group G. He showed that Φ(G) is nilpotent and, in so doing, developed a method of proof known today as Frattini's argument.[1]

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