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Giovanni Parenti, O.F.M.,[1] (died 1250) was an Italian Friar Minor and successor of St. Francis of Assisi as head of the Order.

Parenti led a mission to the Iberian peninsula in 1219;[2] and became Minister Provincial for that region.

Parenti succeeded Francis of Assisi at the head of the Order in 1227, becoming the first Minister General of the Order after its founder. This was on 30 May,[3] Francis having died in October 1226, and Elias of Cortona having ruled the Order for half a year as Vicar General.

At the 1230 General Chapter, Elias attempted to take charge of the Order; but he was resisted.[4] He was elected Minister General only in 1232, after Parenti had been put under pressure to step down.[5]


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Preceded by
first with title
Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor
Succeeded by
Elias of Cortona