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Giovanni Scuderi (Avola, 24 May 1935) is an Italian politician, General Secretary of the Italian Marxist-Leninist Party,[1] established by him and other comrades in 10 April 1977 in Florence.


Scuderi has always had a strong Maoist political commitment. In 1967, along with three other comrades, he joined the Federation of Marxist-Leninist Communists of Italy, but broke in 1968 and joined the Communist Party of Italy (Marxist-Leninist), becoming its Provincial Secretary of Florence. He had a clash with Angiolo Gracci, that split from the Party, and then with General Secretary Fosco Dinucci.

In 1969, he established the Italian Bolshevik Communist Organization Marxist-Leninist and Il Bolscevico (The Bolshevik). He was the newspaper's first political director. He supported the unity of the Italian Maoists against revisionism of the Italian Communist Party, but his appeals were mainly unheard by the then "Marxist-Leninist galaxy". In 1977, he established the Italian Marxist-Leninist Party and became its General Secretary.

During his political struggle, he wrote some works, and an essay for the International Seminary on Mao Zedong Thought. His works are currently diffused in Italy, Mexico, Ukraine.

Today he lives in Florence, where there is the headquarters of PMLI.


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Other voices[edit]

Party political offices
Preceded by
Director of Il Bolscevico
1969 – 1978
Succeeded by
Mino Pasca
Preceded by
General Secretary of the PMLI
1977 – present
Succeeded by