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Founded 2013
Founders Jace Cooke & Alex Chung
Products GIF Platform
Services Searching, sharing, and browsing animated GIFs

Giphy ('ˈgif-EE') is an online database and search engine that allows users to search for and share animated GIF files.

Beginnings and early history[edit]

Co-founder Alex Chung at South by Southwest 2016.

Giphy was founded by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke in February 2013.[1][2][3] The idea for the business came when the pair was having breakfast, musing on the rising trend of purely visual communication.[1]

When Chung and Cooke first launched Giphy, the website functioned solely as a search engine for GIFs.


In August 2013, Giphy expanded beyond a search engine to allow users to post, embed and share GIFs on Facebook.[4][5][6]

Giphy was then recognized as a Top 100 Website of 2013, according to PC Magazine.[7]

Three months later Giphy integrated with Twitter to enable users to share GIFs by simply sharing a GIF's URL.[8]

In May 2014, Giphy raised $2.4 million in a Series A funding round from investors, including Quire, CAA Ventures, RRE Ventures, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, and Betaworks.[9][10]

In January 2015, Giphy received another $17 million in a Series B funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from General Catalyst and former investors.[10] In addition, Giphy raised a large portion of the Series B round via Alphaworks’s equity crowdfunding platform.[11]

In March 2015, Giphy acquired Nutmeg, a GIF messaging service, as one of the company’s first major steps towards the mobile industry.[12] This coincided with the launch of Facebook Messenger’s own development platform, in which Giphy joined a few exclusive apps in its debut.[12]

In August 2015, Giphy launched its second mobile app, GIPHY Cam, which allows users to create and share gifs on a social network.[13]

In February 2016, Giphy raised $55 million in funding at a $300 million valuation.[14]

In October 2016, Giphy announced several statistics; it has 100 million daily active users, it serves over 1 billion GIFs per day, and visitors watch more than 2 million hours of GIF content every day.[15][16]


Giphy partners with brands to host GIFs that can be shared as marketing promotions via social media channels.[17] The company also created artist profiles on the website, which allow GIFs to be attributed to the artist(s) who created them.[18]

In September 2014, Giphy partnered with Line to host the inaugural sticker design competition. LINE and GIPHY enlisted a team of digital partners, including Tumblr, Fox ADHD, Frederator, Cut & Paste[disambiguation needed], New Museum, Eyebeam, Rhizome, The Webby Awards, Pratt[disambiguation needed], The Huffington Post and Dribbble to support the event.[19]

In August 2015, Universal Studios partnered with Giphy to release six gifs promoting the new NWA-based movie, Straight Outta Compton.[20][21]

Giphy has partnered with over 200 companies and brands to host all their existing content on their own branded channel. Giphy’s partners include Disney, Calvin Klein, GE, and Pepsi.[22][23][24]


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