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Industry Restaurants
Founded 1981
Headquarters Brasília, Brazil
Number of locations
350+ stores in Brazil,[1] 10 stores in the U.S and 1 store in Paraguay
Area served
Brazil, United States, Paraguay
Products Fast food, including:
Brazilian food · sandwiches

Giraffas (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʒiˈɾafɐs]) is a Brazilian fast-food chain founded in August 1981 by two friends, Mauro Lacerda and Muniz Neto. Its first store located in Brazil's capital city, Brasília.[2] In 1991, the chain began franchising, and it has since expanded across Brazil.[3] It has also opened in Paraguay and in Miami in the U.S.

The company experienced difficulties after the implementation of the Real Plan. With the fall in inflation, earnings decreased and the model used by the partners proved to be unviable, soon as the company went into receivership.[citation needed] In 1996, due to financial crisis, the chain was sold to three friends of the owners: Felipe Barreto, Luciana Morais e Luciana Vasconcelos. The trio, completely inexperienced in the business, invested in the franchise system to grow and in 1998 broke the ten unique shops in possession of the company inherited from the former administration.[4]

In 2002, the chain had the highest growth proportional in the national segment, and in 2003 the chain achieved 21% growth, opening the first stores in the states of Espírito Santo and Paraná. In 2004 and 2005, the company's main focus was the diversification of products, including a Giraffas ice cream kiosk. In 2005 was opened the first store in the town of Barreiras, in Bahia.

In 2006, the chain celebrated 25 years with a festival of local rock bands in Brasília, called Giraffestival. At the same time the company reached the milestone of 200 stores throughout Brazil and inaugurated the first stores in Pará and Mato Grosso. In 2006 was also launched the Trio RBD, a special offer with gifts from the Mexican band RBD.[5] In 2007, is opened the first store in the state of Tocantins.

Giraffas opened its first international store in Miami, U.S.[6] Giraffas plans to open five stores in the country by 2011 and fifty stores in ten years. In addition to this store in the U.S. that premiered in 2010, Giraffas invested in a new international store in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay which debuted in 2011. The chain is now in Brazil compared with other major fast-food chains like McDonald's and Burger King.

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