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Giraffe World Kitchen
Genre Restaurant and Cafe chain
Founded 1998
Founder Juliette Joffe, Russel Joffe, Andrew Jacobs
Headquarters United Kingdom
Parent Boparan Holdings

Giraffe World Kitchen is a United Kingdom restaurant and cafe chain, founded in Hampstead as Giraffe Restaurants in 1998 by Juliette Joffe, Russel Joffe and Andrew Jacobs.

Giraffe was owned by its founders, with additional financial backing from private shareholders, 3i investment group and chairman Luke Johnson. 3i invested £10 million in the company in 2006, in a deal that valued the chain at £24 million.[1]

On 13 March 2013, it was announced that the chain was to be acquired by Tesco for £48.6m.[2] As part of the acquisition, 3i and Risk Capital Partners sold their shares in the company.[3]

In June 2016, Tesco reached an agreement to sell the company to Boparan Holdings.[4]


Giraffe at Trinity Leeds

The company has 48 outlets across the UK, including fifteen in London. The company's first outlet in Scotland is in Aberdeen's shopping development, Union Square. A second opened at Siverburn shopping centre in Glasgow on 30 June 2014.[5] In Autumn 2014, branches opened at Tesco stores in Bournemouth, Inverness and Poole.

It was announced in January 2016 that four restaurants will be closing or moving over to the Tesco Family Dining cafe brand. The four that closed were Silverburn, Newcastle, Poole and Swindon.

It was further announced in March 2016 another seven restaurants would close, including those in York, Martlesham, Bournemouth and Sutton. After selling Giraffe, Tesco announced the closure of all branches located within their stores.

In September 2016, the company introduced a new brand, Giraffe World Kitchen, beginning with its Basingstoke branch.[6]


  • Junior awards: best restaurant commendation (spring 2011)
  • Best family restaurant: Hardens (2011)
  • Best in Social Media: caterer web awards (2010)[7]
  • Best corporate twitter: (2011)
  • Deal of the year (for tootises acquisition) (2010)
  • R150: best family restaurant (2009)
  • Peach network: best breakthrough brand (2007)
  • Eat out magazine: top 50 foodservice operators (2007)
  • Retailers Retailer awards: best emerging concept (2006)
  • Observer: best family restaurant (2005)
  • Hardens: best brunch (2004 & 2005)
  • Retailers retailer: best newcomer (2003)


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