Girard Point Bridge

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Girard Point Bridge
Basin Bridge of Philadelphia Naval Shipyard 1995.jpg
Girard Point Bridge and Basin Bridge in foreground (1995)
Coordinates39°53′33″N 75°11′49″W / 39.8925°N 75.197°W / 39.8925; -75.197Coordinates: 39°53′33″N 75°11′49″W / 39.8925°N 75.197°W / 39.8925; -75.197
CarriesSix lanes of I-95
(three upper, three lower)
CrossesSchuylkill River
LocalePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Maintained byPennsylvania Department of Transportation
DesignDouble-decked through cantilevered truss bridge
Construction start1968; 51 years ago (1968)
Construction end1973; 46 years ago (1973)[1]

The Girard Point Bridge is a double-decked cantilevered truss bridge carrying Interstate 95 across the Schuylkill River in the American city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The bridge was opened in 1973.[2] It is the last crossing of the Schuylkill River, which empties into the Delaware River less than half a mile downstream.


Construction and renovation in 2010 and 2011[edit]

The renovation of the Girard Point Bridge as of September 2010.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation selected Buckley and Co. as the main contractor and a joint venture between Alpha-Liberty Painting as the paint contractor. The bridge deck was milled and a new surface was poured and the structural steel was painted in order to extend the life of the steel. Work finished in the fall of 2011, but restarted in 2012 for expansion-joint replacement.[3]

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