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Girish S. Paranjpe
Born 1958
Residence Bangalore, India
Occupation Venture Capitalist , Operating Partner Private Equity ,Managing director of international, bloom energy corporation 20:30, 25 january 2012 (utc),ex.jt. ceo – it business, Wipro Ltd.

Girish Paranjpe is a venture capitalist. General Partner with Exfinity Venture Partners . Exfinity invests in deep tech start ups typically at early stage. Girish was also Operating Partner with a global Private Equity fund. Girish Paranjpe was the managing director of Bloom Energy International.[1] He was the former Joint CEO of Wipro’s IT Business and a Member of the Board of Wipro Limited. He jointly carried the overall responsibility for the strategy and operations of Wipro's IT Business.

Paranjpe joined Wipro in 1990 and held a broad range of leadership positions in critical portfolios across the Wipro Corporation during his tenure in Wipro since the early 1990s.

Paranjpe's direct responsibilities included the following business units: Financial Services, Communication, Media, Telecom and Technology vertical. Girish was also directly responsible for driving Consulting, Business Technology Services, Product Engineering Solutions and other functions under him are Global Delivery, CTO and CIO office & Operations.

Paranjpe had represented Wipro and the IT Industry in various public forums including the Prime Minister's Task Force on Information Technology, the NASSCOM, and leading global business schools. Paranjpe is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India. He attended Sydenham College, Mumbai.


  • Global One[2]

As the global economy becomes more integrated, diversity is becoming increasingly important. Companies may have different start points in the race to globalise but they have similar destination. Read Girsh’s views on Wipro’s globalisation journey and how it is more globalised today than ever...More

  • Creating Competitive Advantage – Managing Transformation in a Globalized World[3]

While globalisation has been around for at least 2 or 3 decades, in the last 10 years many things have become very distinctive about it. The world has gone through a couple of phases. Given these dynamics there will be progress but with a lot of ups and downs and the world will not go in a straight line but in zig zags, some of them driven by economics and some by other factors.The theme today is how companies compete, how does transformation help them compete. Girish also spoke about this at the prestigious Nand and Jeet Khemka Distinguished Speaker Forum...More

International Forums[edit]

  • NASSCOM India Leadership Form 2010[4]

Girish Paranjpe was a speaker in the panel discussion – "The Big Picture: What to expect and plan for 2010".

  • Fortune Global 500 Conference 2008 [5]

Girish Paranjpe was a keynote speaker for the Fortune Conference, 8 October 2008 in London. Girish spoke about the various measures CEO’s across the world are taking to brace against the downturn. Innovation takes on a different meaning in this scenario. He talked about Wipro’s experience in co-innovating with the customer to help them through the current economic environment.

Girish attended the CIO Day event, 24–25 November 2008, Netherlands. He attended the plenary panel discussion on “High Performance Leadership in a Competitive & Global Environment”. During this event C-Level Executives from Global corporations were interviewed on their experiences and insights on creating sustaining high performance leadership and successful outcomes in today’s competitive and global environment. He is aluminous of the Sydenham College, Mumbai.

  • World Economic Forum, Davos, 2009[7]

Switzerland, 28 January – 1 February 2009. This year the theme at Davos was "Shaping the Post-Crisis World".

In the Press[edit]

  • Girish Paranjpe and other Wipro leaders speak on – "Wipro – Leading the way amongst Indian companies in setting aggressive targets to reduce green house gas emissions." ...More
  • India and Climate Change – CSM – Watch Girish's video interview here[8]
  • Financial crisis has made Wipro nimbler: Girish Paranjpe, Joint CEO – Dec '09 [9]
  • Clients are still cautious, but demand will pick up in 2010 – July '09 [10]
  • Wipro to Tap New Outsourcing Markets[11]
  • Schooled by China and India, May '09[12]
  • Wipro sees slowdown in big new contracts – Feb '09[13]
  • BPO to play major role, post recession: Wipro Joint-CEO, March '09[14]
  • Wipro co-CEO: Satyam is a wake-up call – A top executive at the leading Indian IT company calls for 'a culture of corporate governance,' not just government rules, to prevent Indian business scandals. – Jan '09[15]
  • Obama’s 3 guiding principles: stability, globality, sustainability – Nov '08 [16]
  • India's Outsourcers Feel Economic Pinch – Oct '08[17]
  • Wipro Hunts Deals With a Good Fit – Sept '08[18]
  • Economy Is Biggest Wild Card Outsourcers Face, Says Wipro Co-CEO – Feb '09[19]

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