Girish and The Chronicles

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Girish And The Chronicles(GATC)
Also known as GATC
Origin Gangtok, Sikkim, India
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock, rock
Years active 2009–present
Labels Universal Music India, Hard Rock Cafe, Vh1
  • Girish Pradhan
  • Suraz Karki
  • Yogesh Pradhan
  • Nagen Mongranti
  • Annutri Kaushik
Past members

Girish and The Chronicles (commonly abbreviated as GATC) is an Indian Hard rock/Heavy Metal band from Gangtok, Sikkim, formed in 2009, by the Singer-Songwriter/Vocalist Girish Pradhan. Presently based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, GATC is a four-member band, known for their electrifying live shows.[3][4] GATC has been touring the country and overseas for more than 5 years now, although the line-up has existed since 2006 but was known as Revolving Barrel. After having released numerous singles online[5] since 2009, The band released its first official album on June 2014 under Universal Music Group. The band is known for its peculiar Classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sound influenced from the bands of'70s/'80s era. GATC is known to be the first and the only band from Sikkim to ever have travelled/performed overseas and toured on a national scale.[3][6][7]

Their originals don't have much limitations in subjects ranging from day to day struggles, wars, to relations and the onstage / backstage / offstage rock and roll band experiences.

With a mixture of Power Ballads sounding material and Hard Rock/Classic Metal sound, they targeted fans striving to hear a sound that was closer to the '70s, '80s era, since there was hardly any band left who would offer such a sound.

Starting from their first single "Angel", they started recording singles from the year 2009. The song went to the Great Eastern Rock compilation vol II, making it their first known original composition.

The band soon gained a lot of attention and new fans. Immediately participating in some festivals, they soon started getting headlining acts.

They later decided to take in "Golden Crown" into their playlist, which was a track for the Sikkim Football association. As much as football was craze in their hometown, they soon started playing the song in every concert/gig they performed.

While they were already performing "I wanna get that lovin' again", "Ride to hell", they did not record the tracks for a very long time.

Soon, in mid-2010, Their single "Yesteryears" was nominated and awarded a Silver Trophy, in the Suncane Skale festival, Montenegro, Europe. This gave the band a lot more publicity resulting in public awareness.

After having performed in almost the entire half of the country in the year 2010, they ventured into the southern part of the country, doing a month-long promotional tour in the city of Bengaluru at around end September 2011.

It is at this time period they recorded their singles "Loaded", "Ride to Hell" and "I wanna Get that loving". Soon, in the coming week they recorded "A new beginning", on hearing the NEWS about an earthquake in their home town, claiming a lot of lives.

"Loaded", "I wanna get that lovin' again" and "A new beginning" were the only ones to be released.

End 2011 saw the vocalist venturing into other Asian countries namely Hong Kong and South Korea (With Silver Tears, Yamaha Asian Beats 2011).

Signing up with some venues, the band soon travelled to Hong Kong for year-long stay. Girish occasionally came back to India giving solo performances. Finally deciding to leave Hong Kong, he came back to India, and at end 2012, starting with a solo performance in PEC fest, Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.

Soon after a month, the band, who were on a vacation, decided to come back and start recording again. They started off with a concert in the city of Siliguri, which lies near to their hometown.

The band started the year 2013 with a three-month long recording, with new songs and Re-Mastering of their older tracks.

GATC has released their first album - 'BACK ON EARTH' consisting of 14 Tracks in August, 2014 under Universal Music Group label. The Album release was followed by a national Hard Rock Cafe Tour. The Album is being promoted by Contrabands, which is a property of Universal Music Group, VH1 & Hard Rock Cafe.


Members of GATC.[8]

  • Girish Pradhan – Vocals/Guitars
  • Suraz Karki – Lead guitars
  • Yogesh Pradhan – Bass guitars
  • Nagen Mongranti – Drums
  • Annutri Kaushik – Keyboard



Feat Category Year Notes
Yamaha Asian Beats Best vocalist (With Silver Tears) 2011
Montenegro International Suncane Skale Music Festival, Europe Silver for "Yesteryears" 2010




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