Giritale Tank

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Giritale tank
Giritale wewa
Giritale tank.JPG
Giritale tank
LocationGiritale, Polonnaruwa
Catchment area24 km2 (9.3 sq mi)[1]
Basin countriesSri Lanka
Max. length550 m (1,800 ft)[1]
Max. depth23 m (75 ft)[1]
Water volume24×10^6 m3 (19,000 acre⋅ft)[1]
SettlementsGiritale and Minneriya

Giritale tank (Sinhala: ගිරිතලේ වැව) is a reservoir in Giritale and Minneriya. It was built by King Agbo II (608-618). It is believed that the tank was renovated by King Parakramabahu, the Great (1153–1186).[2] Later, it was subjected to renovation in 1905, 1942 and 1952 during colonial era.[1]

Giritale Tank was considered as the deepest tank in Sri Lanka during the rule of medieval capital Polonnaruwa.[3]


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