Girl's Garden

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Girl's Garden
Girl's Garden Cover.jpg
Cover art
Designer(s)Yuji Naka[1][2]
Programmer(s)Yuji Naka
Hiroshi Kawaguchi[3]
Composer(s)Tohru Nakabayashi
Katsuhiro Hayashi
  • JP: July 26, 1984
Genre(s)Action game, dating sim

Girl's Garden[a] is an action-dating sim video game developed and published by Sega for their SG-1000 console, which released on July 26, 1984.[4] The game revolves around a simple country girl named Papri[4] as she attempts to retain the love of her boyfriend. In this respect, Girl's Garden has been cited as an early example of a dating sim.[5] It was the debut work of Sonic the Hedgehog series creator Yuji Naka.[6][1][2]


After a successful stage, Papri celebrates her love for Minto by giving him flowers from her bouquet

In order to prevent her boyfriend Minto from going to another little girl named Cocco, Papri must collect ten different flowers and return them to her boyfriend's house.[4] Flowers must be caught in full bloom so that the number of flowers in her possession will increase; catching flowers too early will consider the flowers to be wasted and flowers caught too late will be wilted.[7] Wilted flowers will ruin the bouquet, causing the player to lose half of the flowers. Bears have a taste for honey and cause the player to lose a heart from the "LOVE" meter if one of them attacks Papri, or if she falls into the water. However, the honey can be dropped in order to render the bear temporarily harmless to the player.[7] Bees appear as the player's ally, giving him or her bonus items occasionally (fruit which would grant bonus points, a bouquet of 5 flowers, a clock that would bring Minto closer to Papri - resetting the level timer, and even a heart that would add an extra heart to his or her "LOVE" meter), extra honey if he or she catches it on a flower.[8] After every other round, the player competes in a bonus round where she has to jump as many bears as possible to get a good bonus score. Successfully clearing twenty bears results in an additional bonus for performing the bonus stage perfectly.


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