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Girl 1997.jpg
Studio album by Dannii Minogue
  • 8 September 1997
  • 7 November 2007 (Deluxe Edition)
Recorded 1997
Length 55:11
Dannii Minogue chronology
Get into You
(1993)Get into You1993
The Singles / The Remixes
(1998)The Singles / The Remixes1998
Singles from Girl
  1. "All I Wanna Do"
    Released: 18 August 1997
  2. "Everything I Wanted"
    Released: 20 October 1997
  3. "Disremembrance"
    Released: 16 March 1998
  4. "Coconut"
    Released: 7 December 1998

Girl is the third studio album by Australian singer Dannii Minogue. It was released by Eternal Records on 8 September 1997 in the United Kingdom. In November 2007, the album was reissued with a bonus disc of remixes by Rhino Entertainment. The album had four singles, including the UK Dance Chart number ones "All I Wanna Do", "Everything I Wanted", "Disremembrance" and the Australian-only single, "Coconut". When the album was reissued in 2007, Girl had to be reprinted as it sold more than expected following Minogue's popularity as a judge on The X Factor.


By 1995, Dannii Minogue had parted ways with former label Mushroom Records, following a contract dispute. An album which was in production ultimately never materialized and it wasn't until 1997 when Minogue signed to Eternal Records, that she began recording her third album Girl. Her first two albums Love and Kisses and Get into You had been very much 'pop' oriented albums, however Minogue had since become interested in dance music and clubbing following the release of several remixed versions of her past hits by Steve "Silk" Hurley.

Music composition[edit]

The sound of Girl was distinctively different from Minogue's previous work. This was clearly demonstrated with the lead single "All I Wanna Do", which contained a more emphasized dance sound in contrast to the pop style. This would be felt on the rest of the album. The other tracks on Girl ranged from mature pop songs ("Heaven Can Wait", "Am I Dreaming?", "Everything I Wanted", "It's Amazing") to the more techno oriented ("Disremembrance", "Movin' Up" and bonus tracks "Someone New", "Keep Up With The Good Times"). The album also included notable styles of dance music ("So in Love with Yourself", "If It Moves-Dub It", "Coconut") as well as ambient infused sounds ("Everybody Changes Underwater"), all of which were considered cutting edge for the time. Several of the tracks also embodied strong undertones of electronica music.

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[1]

Despite commercial disappointment, Girl received a generally positive reception from music critics. John Lucas from AllMusic complimented the album saying "The music is no longer so concerned with aping American trends; it was clearly influenced by the British dance club sounds of the mid-'90s. In short, Dannii was finally carving an identity for herself." He gave the album four out of five stars.[2] Girl is also considered to be Dannii's best album along with Neon Nights.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "All I Wanna Do"
2. "Heaven Can Wait"
  • Higgins
  • McLennan
  • Powell
  • Gray
3. "So in Love with Yourself"
4. "Am I Dreaming?"
  • Barry
  • Taylor
  • Graham Stack
  • Torch
5. "Everybody Changes Underwater"
  • Dannii Minogue
  • Ian Masterson
  • David Green
6. "Everything I Wanted"
  • Minogue
  • Taylor
  • Torch
7. "If It Moves-Dub It"
  • Minogue
  • Higgins
  • McLennan
  • Powell
  • Gray
8. "Disremembrance"
  • Masterson
  • Green
9. "It's Amazing"
  • Higgins
  • McLennan
  • Powell
  • Gray
10. "Movin' Up"
  • Lars Erlandsson
  • Fredrik Lenander
  • Bella Morel
  • David Kreuger
  • Per Magnusson
11. "Coconut" (hidden track) Harry Nilsson 4:48
12. "Someone New" (Japanese bonus track)
  • Masterson
  • Green

Deluxe edition[edit]

Disc one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "All I Wanna Do"   4:28
2. "Heaven Can Wait"   3:40
3. "So in Love with Yourself"   5:06
4. "Am I Dreaming?"   4:10
5. "Everybody Changes Underwater"   6:36
6. "Everything I Wanted"   4:38
7. "If It Moves-Dub It"   6:32
8. "Disremembrance"   4:06
9. "It's Amazing"   5:05
10. "Movin' Up" (extended mix)   5:50
11. "Keep Up with the Good Times"
  • Higgins
  • McLennan
  • Powell
  • Gray
12. "Someone New" (Flexifingers radio edit)   3:46
13. "Coconut"   4:48
14. "All I Wanna Do" (Trouser Enthusiasts radio edit)   4:12
15. "Everything I Wanted" (Xenomania radio edit)   4:47
16. "Disremembrance" (Trouser Enthusiasts Radio edit)   4:29
Disc two
No. Title Length
1. "All I Wanna Do" (12" Extended mix) 6:52
2. "Everything I Wanted" (Xenomania 12" Club mix) 7:07
3. "Heaven Can Wait" (Trouser Enthusiasts Cloud Nine mix) 12:10
4. "Disremembrance" (full orchestral 12" mix) 9:29
5. "All I Wanna Do" (Qattara's Club mix) 10:08
6. "Everything I Wanted" (Jupiter 6 Soul Surround mix) 6:50
7. "Disremembrance" (Twyce as Nyce 1:40AM Club mix) 6:06
8. "Movin' Up" (Getting Harder mix) 5:51
9. "Keep Up with the Good Times" (Xenomania 12" mix) 6:47
10. "All I Wanna Do" (Tiny Tim & The Mekon Dream dub) 7:45


"Heaven Can Wait"[edit]

Several remixes were commissioned of "Heaven Can Wait", some of which were on promotional releases of "Everything I Wanted".[3] At one point the track was planned to be released as the fourth single. Ultimately, some of the remixes were released on the Australian only single "Coconut".

The following remixes were commissioned:

  1. "Heaven Can Wait" (7" Mix) – 4:06 (later released on the "Coconut" single)
  2. "Heaven Can Wait" (D-Bop's Heavenly Girl Mix) – 7:32 (later released on the "Coconut" single though labelled as the Melt & Sparkle Mix)
  3. "Heaven Can Wait" (D-Bop's Melt & Sparkle Mix)
  4. "Heaven Can Wait" (Trouser Enthusiasts' Cloud Nine Mix) – 12:10 (later released on the "Coconut" single and the "Girl" reissue)
  5. "Heaven Can Wait" (Trouser Enthusiasts' Hellfire Club Mix)
  6. "Heaven Can Wait" (Trouser Enthusiasts' Hellfire Club Dub) – 9:20


Chart (1997) Peak
Australian Albums (ARIA)[4] 69
Scottish Albums (OCC)[5] 70
UK Albums (OCC)[6] 57
UK Dance Albums (OCC)[7] 3

Release history[edit]

These are the formats of major album releases of Girl:

Release format Country Cat. no. Release date
Deluxe Edition[8] United Kingdom 5144-25022-2 5 November 2007


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