Girl (Vertigo)

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Cover of the first issue
Publication information
Publisher Vertigo Vérite (DC Comics)
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date(s) July – September 1996
No. of issues 3
Creative team
Created by Peter Milligan
Duncan Fegredo
Written by Peter Milligan
Artist(s) Duncan Fegredo
Letterer(s) Ellie De Ville
Colorist(s) Nathan Eyring
Editor(s) Shelly Roeberg

Girl is a three-issue comic book limited series written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Duncan Fegredo. It was published in 1996 by Vertigo comics, an imprint of DC Comics.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The story follows the exploits of fifteen-year-old Simone Cundy, a resident of Bollockstown (a fictional English location), as she attempts to make sense of her uncontrollable apathy and discontent for life (early on, she cites girls, boys, the lottery, pop-stars, clothes, sport, tampons, television, Bollockstown and living among her chief dislikes). However, upon meeting Polly, the "blonde version" of herself, Simone struggles to maintain the line between reality and her imagination, all the while trying find some purpose in her rotten life.

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