Girl Friends (1936 film)

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Girl Friends
Directed by Lev Arnshtam
Written by Lev Arnshtam
Nikolai Tikhonov
Raisa Vasilyeva
Starring Zoya Fyodorova
Yanina Zhejmo
Irina Zarubina
Music by Dmitri Shostakovich
Cinematography Vladimir Rapoport
Arkadi Shafran
Release dates
19 February 1936
Running time
2,611 meters (95 minutes)
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Girl Friends (Russian: Подруги) is a 1936 Soviet film directed by Lev Arnshtam. The film tells story of the friendship between three girls from Petrograd who grow up together and become nurses during the Russian Civil War. The film was released in the USA in 1936 as Three Women.


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