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Girl Friends
Origin Korea
Genres K-pop, R&B
Years active 2006–present
Labels Doremi Media
Members Chae Rina, Yuri

Girl Friends is a K-Pop group made up of real-life friends, Yuri and Chae Rina. They released two albums with mixed success; their debut single was "Maybe I Love You."


Both Yuri and Chae Rina have previously been part of major Korean pop groups: Yuri in Cool, and Chae in Roo'ra[1] and Diva.[2] They became friends in the 1990s while performing with their respective groups, and discussed doing a joint project for 10 years.[2] When they found time to do so, they debated on various names (including "Yurina") before deciding on "Girl Friends"; afterwards, Chae stated that it felt great to keep their promise and release an album.[1]

Their first album, Another Myself, was released on July 29, 2006. Described as an R&B album, the duo mentioned that it was an album made with no regrets, and they put their best efforts into making a great album.[3] Their first single was "Maybe I Love You." The album sold 8000 copies by the end of August, according to the Music Industry Association of Korea.[4]

Their second album, Addict 2 Times, was released in August 2007. The duo did not make an official comeback performance until October 2007; at the time, they stated that they wanted to win fans with their songs instead of their dances.[5] The album sold 1,777 copies in its month of release;[6] it has not charted since.



  • Another Myself July 29, 2006
  • Addict 2 Times August 20, 2007


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