Girl Scout (film)

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Girl Scout
Girl Scout film poster.jpg
Directed by Kim Sang-man
Produced by Sim Bo-gyeong
Written by Kim Seok-joo
Starring Kim Sun-a
Na Moon-hee
Lee Kyung-sil
Go Joon-hee
Music by Kim Sang-man
Cinematography Seong Seung-taek
Edited by Kim Sang-bum
Kim Jae-bum
Distributed by Lotte Entertainment
Release date
  • June 5, 2008 (2008-06-05)
Running time
100 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$1.5 million[1]

Girl Scout (Hangul걸스카우트; RRGeolseukauteu) is a 2008 South Korean action comedy film directed by Kim Sang-man.[2][3][4]


Set in Bongcheon-3 dong, a deprived area in Seoul, four women are struggling financially. They are I-man (Na Moon-hee), a woman in her 60s working at a supermarket to look after her unemployed son; Bong-soon (Lee Kyung-sil), a widow who lives with an ill child; Mi-kyung (Kim Sun-a), a divorcee; and Eun-ji (Go Joon-hee), a caddie. They are determined to raise the money to open up a store in their neighborhood, and it is their sole hope and dream. But things get much worse when Hye-ran (Im Ji-eun), the head of their credit union, runs off with their life savings. Desperate, they create a team called Bong Chon Girl Scouts Troop #3 to recover the stolen money, and chaos ensues.



Girl Scout was released in South Korea on June 5, 2008, after the postponement of its planned earlier release in April.[5] On its opening weekend it was ranked fifth at the box office, grossing US$855,238 and receiving 163,122 admissions.[6] It eventually grossed US$1,523,142,[1] with total admissions at 249,114.[7]


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