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Girl Scouts of Jamaica
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FoundedAugust 5, 2008
Launched October 5, 2008
FounderMrs Lavinia McClure
AffiliationOrder of World Scouts
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Girl Scouts of Jamaica (G.S.J.) is a Christian faith based Scouting organization for girls in Jamaica founded on August 5, 2008.[1] The girls-only organization is a member of the Order of World Scouts.[2]

Membership is voluntary and open to all girls and young women regardless of creed, race, nationality or any other circumstance, provided that the member is willing and committed to uphold the promise and the law of the movement.[2] Leaders must uphold the promise, law and constitution.


The Girl Scouts of Jamaica were established in August 2008, out of concerns about administration and the changing of the programme of the Girl Guides Association of Jamaica. The Girl Scouts of Jamaica desire was to have a democratic structure and to embrace the traditions of the eight point programme[3][4][5][6][7] and camp craft.[8] They joined the Order of World Scouts,[9][10] with whom they shared ideals and vision, right after their October 2008 launch promise ceremony.


The Promise Pin
The Promise

On my honour,
I promise that I will do my best:
To do my duty to God,
To serve my country and help other people,
And to obey the Scout Law

The Law

A Scout's honour is to be trusted.
A Scout is loyal.
A Scout is helpful.
A Scout is a friend to all.
A Scout is courteous.
A Scout respects the environment.
A Scout obeys orders.
A Scout is cheerful under all difficulties.
A Scout is thrifty.
A Scout is pure in thought, word and deed.

The Motto

Be Prepared

The Promise Pin

The traditional fleur-de-lis is presented in Jamaican national colours. The fleur-de-lis is significant in two ways. In ancient Christian culture it was used to represent the Holy Trinity. In scouting it signifies the three-fold promise: "Duty to God", "Service to Man", "Obedience to the Law".

Age groups[edit]

The organization works with four age-groups:[2][11]

The First Junior Scout
  • Peenie Wallies; 4 to 8 years, kindergarten to grade 3
  • Doctorbirds; 7 to 12 years, grades 3 to 6
  • Junior Scouts; 10 to 16 years, grades 7 to 10
  • Senior Scouts; 14 to 19 years, grades 10 to 13
  • Assistant Leaders; 16+ years
  • Leaders; 18+ years


The eight point programme offers a variety of activities for the girls to do in a variety of areas of interest.[7] The eight points are similar at all levels, but the presentation changes to be suited to the age groups.

Peenie Wallies: Doctorbirds Girl Scouts Adults
are knowing and growing Let's be Aware Looking Ahead Intelligence
enjoy listening and moving Let's get Physical Physical Fitness Fitness and Health
make a promise Let's do it Right Obeying the Law Morals and Values
enjoy making things Let's Create Creativity Creative Expression
enjoy playing together Let's Love Relationships Social Skills
are ready to help Let's Serve Service Service
enjoy helping at home Let's do Homecraft Homecraft Skills Homecraft and Hospitality
enjoy exploring and discovering Let's enjoy our Environment The Environment and You Environment

Each girl does challenges in each of the eight points and receives a progress award after completing an approved set of challenges.

National Service Project[edit]

The Girl Scouts of Jamaica have selected the Special Olympics Jamaica as their National Service Project for the period 2008-2012. Scouts at all age levels participate in fund-raising, while senior and junior scouts also help by volunteering at sporting events which are held all across the island.[2][11]

Special events [12][edit]

The First Doctorbirds.
  • September 1 - Start of the Girl Scout year, coinciding with the school year start
  • October 5 - Founders' Day, Anniversary of the first promise ceremony
  • November - World Scouting Month, coinciding with National Youth Month
  • November 11 - Anniversary of the founding of the Order of World Scouts (1911)
  • December - Service Month
  • January - Leaders' Planning Month
  • January, last Saturday - Annual Leaders' Conference
  • May - Girl Scouting Month, coinciding with National Child Month
  • May 24 - Anniversary of the founding of the British Boy Scouts and British Girl Scouts (1909)
  • August 5 - Anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts of Jamaica
  • August 31 - End of the Girl Scout year, coinciding with the school year end

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