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Girlfriend Magazine
Girlfriend (magazine) cover.jpg
Editor Sarah Tarca
Categories Teen magazine
Frequency Monthly
Total circulation
Year founded 1988
Company Pacific Magazines
Country  Australia
Language English
ISSN 1033-7288

Girlfriend magazine is an Australian teen girls magazine established in December 1988 by Futura Publications.[2][3] It targets readers aged 12–17 years old with a mix of entertainment, fashion, beauty, advice and lifestyle articles.

Girlfriend gained media attention in 2005[citation needed] when it was the first magazine to allow readers complete control of the magazine's content via the website in an initiative called "U Make The Mag". In 2006 Girlfriend celebrated its 18th birthday and won the Magazine Publisher's Awards for both Best Website and Editorial Initiative.[citation needed] Also in 2006 the magazine began to alert readers to its use of Photoshop throughout the magazine, as part of the "Self Respect" campaign.[citation needed] In 2007 Girlfriend became one of the first magazines to be completely printed on recycled paper.[citation needed]

Girlfriend has been part of the Pacific Magazines stable since 1993;[3] a New Zealand edition is published from Auckland each month under Pacific Magazines New Zealand.

Campaigns and initiatives[edit]

"U Make The Mag" allows the magazine's readers to vote for aspects of an edition of the magazine, such as its cover girl, colour and features, and happens once a year.

Girlfriend initiated a "Girlfriend Bans Bullying" campaign to prevent bullying in 2005. In each issue of the magazine, Girlfriend featured ways to deal with bullying, and stories of people that had had to deal with bullying in their lives. Girlfriend also teamed up with Supré to release a range of "Girlfriend Bans Bullying" singlets and dogtag necklaces, with slogans such as 'Peace Lover' and 'Lover, not a fighter'. All proceeds raised went to charity.

The Self Respect Campaign encourages readers to be themselves, not put themselves down, be happy with who they are, and generally lead a good and happy life. The magazine features 'Real Girls' in the magazine each month, who have had to deal with issues in their lives, and are intended to be an inspiration. There are quotes, recipes, reader profiles, exercise tips, and dogma on how to live a happy, successful life in the "Girlfriend Guru" section of the magazine, which is part of the self-respect campaign.

The magazine has started a "Girlfriend Goes Green" campaign, to inform readers of the effects of global warming and how they can help to slow it. The Girlfriend website also features an "Enviro-Room" which contains ideas on how to save water, electricity and resources.

Girlfriend Model Search[edit]

The 22nd annual Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search for 2012 arrives in Sydney on June 23, 2012, searching for the freshest modelling talent

The Girlfriend Model Search a modelling competition.[4] Now known as the Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search, it is an offshoot of Girlfriend and is currently sponsored by Rimmel London.[5] In past years, the model search has been sponsored by Schwarzkopf,[6] with selected 2007 national finalists even being appointed as the faces of "Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour" semi-permanent hair colorant products.[7]

Starting in 1992[citation needed], it has grown to be a national model search that has discoverrd some of the biggest names in Australian modelling today. Past winners such as Alyssa Sutherland, Catherine McNeil, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Sarah Stephens, Pania Rose and Ruby Rose Langenheim have become successes in the modelling industry.[5]


Year Winner National Finalists
2014 Lilli Watt Avril Campbell, Meg Thurston, Rhiannon Proper, Emily McDonald, Leah Bell
2013 Olivia Ludington Leilani Mendez, Elizabeth Greenwood, Caitlin Brown, Caitlin Clarke, Clare Stunzner, Mikayla Schnabel, Selina Polyak, Hollyarabella Thomas, Rose Freemantle, Brook Crompton, Rebecca Bomgaars
2012 Grace Simmons Elizabeth Love, Sharnee Gates, Georgana Coles, Jade Burton, Jessica Picton-Warlow, Molly Grace Nylander, Stephanie Field
2011 Chloe Glassie Yasmeena Osman, Zara Dobbie-Smitham, Isabella Vick, Rebecca Dupain, Claudia Reed, Dominique Roussetos, Monique Jensen
2010 Jemma Baines Tiffany Adcock, Bridgit Hollitt, Maddison Brown, Jacqui McGrath, Loren Harrison-Gorton
2009 Karri Pledger Abbey O'Connell, Madison Borbely, Jessica Ridolfi, Kailyn Allen, Rebecca Downes
2008 Kate Budrodeen Alex Klages, Karla Reid, Josie Vann, Karina White, Gemma Weaver
2007 Aimee and Morgan Hurst Lutèce Gourluck, Lucy Fry, Meg Lindsay, Emma Power, Catriona Gray
2006 Sarah Stephens Abbie, Danielle, Anastazia, Georgia, Casey
2005 Amy Fromm Kristy-Lee, Lauren, Danielle, Emma, Maddie
2004 Abbey Lee Kershaw Kathryn, Allegra Carpenter, Elle, Samantha Harris, Amelia Jennings
2003 Catherine McNeil Amber Vucka, Ruby Rose Langenheim, Talisha King, Rikki Stowers, Tully Smyth
2002 Victoria Boston Lauren Walshe, Michelle Reilly, Sarah Arnold, Pania Rose, Natalie Hodges
2001 Madelin Tomelty (Tomelty was among the finalists of 2000 and described as the winner of 2001) Tamara Gitsham, Julia Olah, Kasia Grabowski, Angela McKay, Keita Van Ewyk
1999 Amelia Chandler, Kate McGinnity Kali Dempster, Jemma Maio, Belinda Slater
1998 Tione Hawkins Joanna Hughes, Lavina Hart, Aliescha Parks, Kristy Ryan, Ana Mikulic
1997* Alyssa Sutherland (announced the winner in the January 1998 issue, but in the 1998 winner, Tione Hawkins', issue, Sutherland is referred to as the winner of the previous year. Adrienne Nicholls, Tammy Knox, Korrin Reardon, Melissa Bain
1997 Jodie Hunter Juliette Jasinski, Angelique Naude, Nicole Abbott, Rebecca Seidel, Ivona Cablewski
1996 Emma Scanlon Lidija Bosnjak, Lisa Seiffert, Justine Davis, Kelsey Bryne, Agnes Buscu
1995 Tenille Petrelli Suzi Kojic, Kathryn Heal, Solae Riley, Jessica De Ryk, Tiffany Power, Zrinka Lovrencic
1994 Wanita Wright (announced in January 1994 as the winner of 1994) Olivia Treharne, Kate Millis, Jane Bourne, Samantha Froggatt (reported as 1993 finalists)
1992 Tina Cianci Rhye Costello, Brydie Cavanagh, Kylie Geihlick, Chantelle Leahy
1991 Kristina Thornton (announced January 1991) Karen James, Elizabeth Gray, Caroline Bailey, Lynda Gerritsen (reported as 1990 finalists)

Girlfriend Fiction[edit]

Girlfriend Fiction is a collaboration with Allen & Unwin. There are 19 novels in the series [8] with another to be released in October 2010.[9] The novels are written by a variety of authors,[10] who write from a teenage girl's point of view.



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