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Girlfriends Films
Industry Pornographic films, video-on-demand
Founded 2002 (2002)[1]
Headquarters Valencia, California, United States

Girlfriends Films (or GFF) is an American pornographic film studio based in Valencia, California and founded in 2002.


The studio was founded by Dan O'Connell and "Moose" (who serve as president and vice-president, respectively) in 2002.[1][3][4]

On January 1, 2014 it was announced that Moose had purchased O'Connell's interest in the company and that O'Connell will retain ownership of Groundwork Visions, the production company behind his Girlfriends movies to date, while entering into an arrangement to continue shooting movies exclusively for the studio.[5]


The studio specializes in lesbian-themed films.[6] O'Connell writes and directs 95% of the films,[3][7] and he has stated that the studio makes the effort to cast actual lesbian or bisexual women, rather than casting women that are gay-for-pay.[7] GFF operates a Studio system program with exclusive contract performers similar to Vivid Entertainment's Vivid Girls.

GFF also films across the United States and in other countries with two European based series, one shot in Hungary and the other in the Czech Republic.[8]

On December 16, 2012, the studio moved from its home of six years in Reseda, California to a new 37,000 square foot facility in Valencia, California.[9]

GFF operates a video on demand website in addition to selling DVDs of its productions.[10] Launched in October 2013, via a licensing deal with LFP Broadcasting, who owns Hustler TV and New Frontier Media, the studio also provides content for a cable channel based exclusively on its productions.[5][11]

Major productions/Series

Girlfriend Films produces many series that are themed within different lesbian genres. Some series include:

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