Girls' High School, Kandy

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Girls' High School, Kandy
Girls' High School, Kandy front view.jpg

TypePublic School
Established1879; 139 years ago (1879)
FounderRev. Samuel Langdon
PrincipalMrs. M. Abeygunasekara
GradesClass 1 – 13
Age5 to 19

Girls' High School is a public girls' School located in Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is the oldest school for girls in Kandy.

Honouring the relationship with the environment to become disciplined responsible mature women who will be able to serve with humanity with but fear or favour be open to changes and to stand up to challenges be able to hold on to their belief while respecting the convictions of others.


Early years[edit]

In 1873, the need of a school in connection with Wesleyan Mission work was urged by Samuel Langdon and so a Day and Boarding school was built in Katukele, Kandy Sri Lanka.

The school was opened in 1879 at the Wesleyan school chapel adjoining the Girls' Boarding School, Katukele - Kandy, under the management of Mrs Langdon. Miss Payne, the next principal arrived in Colombo on 31 July 1879 but left the school in 1880. In May 1880 Miss Hay came from England and the school, which had 10 on the roll at its inception, increased to 70 and was registered to obtain a grant-in-aid from the government.

As numbers increased, in 1881 the school shifted to the more commodious precincts of the Mission in Brownrigg Street, but boarders remained at Katukele. Classes were held behind the church. Long desks and forms without backs and heavy pews from the church were moved weekly when classes had to take turn in writing. There were no games, Guiding, debating or netball, not even a library.

Since its inception the school has represented the ethnic diversity of Sri Lanka, with its student body consisting of Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors, Malays, Burghers and Chinese.[1]

20th century[edit]

With the dawn of the 20th century, under the guidance of Miss Sansom, who served for 19 years, Kandy High School became one of the leading educational instructions in Ceylon. On March 21, 1917 the First Company of Girl Guides was formed in the Island. Miss Sansom prepared the way for this and Miss Jane Calveriey, the Vice-Principal was the First Captain. This was followed by the 1st Brownie Company and the Ranger Company in 1918 and 1921. In June 1920 a plague broke out in Kandy and 262 students were ordered to leave the premises overnight. The kindergarten and Std 2 shifted to Trinity College, Std 3 and 4 were housed at the YWCA opposite the police station and the senior girls at the YWCA near the Kandy lake. Miss. Calveriey had a busy time cycling from one place to another supervising the classes, so she invested in a scooter which made her day easier. In 1917 the first company of Girl Guides was formed on the island, and the school was the first to play netball in Sri Lanka.

The four houses[edit]

The four houses are Eaton, Langdon, Lawrance, and Sansom. Their respective house colours are, Light Blue, Dark Green, Yellow and Dark Blue .

Extra curricular activities[edit]


  • Buddhist Society
  • Hindu Society
  • Christianity Society
  • Islamic Society
  • L.M.D. Society
  • Science Society
  • Astronomical Society
  • Photographic Club
  • ICT Society
  • Global Linking Club
  • Photographic Club
  • Y.E.S
  • New inventors Club
  • Interact Club
  • Commerce Society
  • Sinhala Society
  • Drug prevention unit
  • Road safety unit
  • Tamil Society

Science Society[edit]

Buddhist Society
Ever since its establishment, the Science Society is a leading academic society of Girls' High School which enables all the science students to bloom up with their skills & talents. The Science Society holds the supreme leadership over, Astronomical society, Drug prevention unit, Mihiruwa nature club, Globe Society, Yowun Gaveshakayo school organization.

The science society organizes the annual science day, where inter school competitions and lectures are held parallelly creating an opportunity to all the students in the zone to enhance their knowledge and skills. All the educated and extra-curricular activities of all these societies and clubs are conducted under the unflinching, unutterable guidance of the science society of Girls' High School Kandy.

The main aim of Girls' High school is to produce professional and academics who can serve the country, mother Sri Lanka as leading personalities in the society. This unsurpassed aim is followed by The Science Society. The Science society is proud to mention that most of the respectable academics that we see today, were the active members of the Science Society of Girls' High School Kandy.

Astronomical Society[edit]

Since its official launch in 1997, The Astronomical Society has successfully contributed to many events, and has rendered many great endeavors not only to the School, but also to the whole nation, making the field of Astronomy more & more popular in Sri Lanka. Thus from its inception Girls' High School, The Astronomical society has become one of the few leading Astronomical societies in Sri Lanka.

From 1997 the society has arranged some activities, workshops, etc. to improve the knowledge in astronomy.

The year 2001 was a special year for the society. Because the society organized a night camp called "Astro Eve 2001" for the first time in a Girls' school in Sri Lanka, with all island participation. The chief Guest was Dr Chandana Jayarathne.

In 2003 participated in the High School walk organized by the S.D.C & O.G.A

In 2005 The society organized a night camp called "Wishwaye nim walalu sisara". Through this camp the students could improve their knowledge in Astronomy and develop their observation skills . Also in 2005 the society conducted a successful stall in the educational exhibition " Elysium 2005" which was organized by the school.

Year 2006 was a very crucial year for the Astronomical Society of Girls' High School. Because the society organized a combined project to develop inter-school Astronomy (CPDIA) together with Ranabima Royal College, Kandy. It was called "Oddessy has Begun"

In the year 2008, "THE INTIMATIONS OF THE INVISIBLE", The first ever interschool Astronomical night organized entirely by a Girls' School was held successfully. The Society introduced the Ruth Allen challenge trophy. By coming first in the Astronomical quiz competition, Dharmaraja College won the Ruth Allen challenge Trophy. In 2009, The Astronomical Society took the next step in the long journey towards the invisible by organizing the second Astronomical Night, "The Transition from the Invisible". Which was another achievement made by ladies of High school through many obstacles. The society introduced the "E.LABROOY" challenge trophy. It was held successfully with the participation of 14 schools. The Chief guests were Dr Chandana Jayarathne and Dr. Sarath Bandaranayake. The E. LABROOY challenge trophy was won by Dharmaraja College.

In 2010 the Astronomically Society organized the third step of the journey towards the invisible. The third Astronomical Night organized by the society, "In Quest for Visibility" was held successfully.

The Drug Prevention Unit[edit]

The Drug Prevention Unit of Girls' High School is another active unit of the school. In the year 2009, the DPU (Drug Prevention Unit) organized their DPU day which was called, "Tempora 2009". The programme was held very successfully with the participation of many other schools. The programme also consisted of a Personality Development Programme which was appreciated by all the participants.

The Road Safety Unit[edit]

RSU is one of the most important units, security-wise in Girls' High School Kandy. This unit plays an essential role by controlling and guiding students from Girls' High School and also Vihara Maha Devi Girls' College – which is located next to K.G.H.S. – who cross the main road in the mornings and after school.


Notable alumnae[edit]


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