Girls, Boys and Marsupials

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Girls, Boys and Marsupials
Girls, Boys, and Marsupials.jpg
Studio album by
Released20 September 2006
GenreIndie rock
The Wombats chronology
Girls, Boys and Marsupials
A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation

Girls, Boys and Marsupials is the first album by The Wombats, released in 2006 in Japan only. Many of these songs appear on their debut album A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation, released the following year. The tracks that did not feature on this album ("Metro Song", "Sunday TV", "Derail & Crash" and "Caravan in Wales") featured as B-sides on single releases of "Kill the Director", "Let's Dance to Joy Division" and "Backfire at the Disco". "Derail & Crash" and "Metro Song" also featured on the iTunes bonus version of A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Matthew Murphy, except where noted; all music composed by The Wombats.

1."Moving to New York"3:33
2."Lost in the Post"3:11
3."Patricia the Stripper"3:07
4."Party in a Forest (Where's Laura?)" (Matthew Murphy and The Wombats)2:53
5."Backfire @ The Disco" (Matthew Murphy and The Wombats)2:41
6."My First Wedding"4:26
7."Metro Song"5:18
8."Derail & Crash"3:25
9."Little Miss Pipedream"4:01
10."Caravan in Wales" (Matthew Murphy and The Wombats)3:42
11."Sunday T.V." (Matthew Murphy and The Wombats)5:41
12."Acapella" (The Wombats)1:25