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Single by The Prodigy
from the album Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
Released 30 August 2004
Format 12 inch vinyl record
CD single
Recorded Essex, England
Length 4:06
Label XL Recordings
Writer(s) Liam Howlett
Producer(s) Liam Howlett
The Prodigy singles chronology
"Baby's Got a Temper"

"Girls" was the fourteenth single released by the British electronic band The Prodigy on 30 August 2004. It was the first single from the album Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. "Girls" peaked at number 19 on the UK Singles Chart.

The single's music video was directed by Mat Cook and Julian House, who also designed the artwork for the album and single. It featured experimental computer graphics with various psychedelic themes.

The sample used in the hook is re-made but taken from the Broken Glass single "Style of the Street" and also the song samples D. Train "You're The One For Me".

Track listing[edit]

XL recordings[edit]

12" vinyl record[edit]

A1. "Girls" (4:06)
B1. "More Girls"
B2. "Under My Wheels" (Original Mix)

CD single[edit]

  1. "Girls" (4:14)
  2. "More Girls"
  3. "Under My Wheels" (Original Mix)

Promotional single release[edit]

"Girls/Memphis Bells"
Single by The Prodigy
from the album Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
Released 21 June 2004
(12 inch vinyl record)
28 June 2004
(Digital download)
Format 12 inch vinyl record
Digital download
Genre Electronica, electronic rock, breakbeat
Length 4:06 ("Girls")
4:28 ("Memphis Bells")

On 21 June 2004, "Girls/Memphis Bells" was released as a promotional single by the band as a very limited 12" vinyl record.

Beyond this, "Memphis Bells" was made exclusively available online as a digital download on 28 June 2004 via a now defunct website. Available in a limited edition of 5,000, each of the downloads had a unique variation of both the track and the artwork.

12" vinyl record sides[edit]

A. "Girls" (4:06)
B. "Memphis Bells" (4:28)