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Girls Saurus
Girls Saurus vol 1.jpg
Cover of the first manga volume featuring Haruka Nishiharu
(Gāruzu Zaurusu)
GenreHarem, Romantic comedy
Written byKei Kusunoki
Published byShogakukan
MagazineShōnen Sunday Super
Original runMarch 2002December 2002
Girls Saurus DX
Written byKei Kusunoki
Published byShogakukan
MagazineMonthly Sunday Gene-X
Original runAugust 2003December 2008
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Girls Saurus (ガールズザウルス, Gāruzu Zaurusu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kei Kusunoki and published by Shogakukan. The individual volumes were collected and published in three tankōbon volumes between March 2002 to December 2002. Kusunoki followed up Girls Saurus with a sequel, called Girls Saurus DX (ガールズザウルスDX, Gāruzu Zaurusu). The individual volumes of Girls Saurus DX were collected and published in ten tankōbon volumes between August 2003 to December 2008.

The story revolves around 16-year-old Shingo Chiryu who had been beaten and hospitalized for a month by a morbidly obese girl whose naked confession he had rejected. As a result of the encounter, Shingo has developed a fear of all women, called gynophobia. While Shingo tries to hide his fear, the school nurse notices it and advises him to join the boxing club. However, Shingo soon finds out that all of its members are girls, the club's adviser is the school nurse, and one of the clubs members, the now slim Haruka Nishiharu, is the very girl who had put him in the hospital.


Boxing Club[edit]

Shingo Chiryū
The 16-year-old male protagonist. A morbidly obese girl takes her clothes off and confesses her love to him. When he rejects her, the girl beats him up and he lands in the hospital for a month. He develops gynophobia, viewing all women as "dinosaurs." A running gag throughout the series is even though he is terrified of women many women fall in love with him, most of the time through a misunderstanding through his fear of women. However, he later has revealed to have growing feelings to Haruka, but not enough to overcome his gynophobia.
Haruka Nishiharu
The formerly obese girl who crushed Shingo under her enormous weight. When Shingo gets back to school, Haruka has lost a lot of weight and Shingo doesn't recognize her until he notices the double mole on her breast. She still has feelings for him and often tries to make situation in which they are together, but this is often interrupted by one of the other girls or his own gynophobia.
Nozomi Kanayama
Another member of the boxing club who has a very underdeveloped body; having the appearance of an elementary school aged girl. She has loved Shingo and will do anything to get him, though her flirting is usually overlooked due to her childlike body.
Akira Sakō
A tomboy and the heiress of a very traditional and wealthy family. She is a second-year student and the president of the school boxing club. Akira wishes she had been born a boy, and consequently often acts and dresses as one, making Shingo very uncomfortable as she will undress in front of him. She later shows an attraction to Shingo, and often shows jealousy when a girl outside of the Boxing Club shows interest in him.
Hijiri Fusō
An attractive School's nurse and the leader of the boxing club. She often treats Shingo as her dog and has severe narcissism, where she truly believes every guy is in love with her and every girl is jealous of her beauty.
Hotaru Hoshigaoka
A busty transfer student whose clumsiness often results in property damage and injuries to bystanders. She too fell in love with Shingo when he tries to help her or prevent her destruction.


Subaru Chiryū
Shingo's little sister, who for a while dresses like a boy, but now dresses like a girl. Despite only being in elementary school, she undergoes a major growth spurt over the course of the series and now resembles a teenage girl. She has a strong brother complex, wishing more than anything to be her brother's wife.

She often tries to kiss him and goes to extreme lengths to get his attention.

Arahata Tsuyoshi
A guy who loved Nishiharu back when she was fat, with a fetish for fat girls. Leader of the Boxing Club at his school. He tries to fatten Nishiharu by baking sweets, and gladly cooks for her when asked.
Tsubasa Kōnan
A cute boy who is often mistaken to be a girl. Has a crush on Nozomi. He goes to the same school as Arahata.And he is embarrassed that all guys looks at him as if he's a girl that's why he wants to become the ideal man.
Shiogamaguchi Ichigo
A sickly skinny girl who is obsessed with Shingo, using any means necessary, even black magic, to get a hold of him. She has shown the reason she is so skinny is because she cannot hold food down(When she does eat a lot though she is rather attractive). As a result, she is far from pretty, but she seems to be under the delusion that she is irresistible.
Misao Sakō
Akira's Mother. A very traditional woman and the head of the Sakō family. She has a very scary glare(which has a demonic face in the background). Once a year she has a ritual performed to have her husband possess someone for a bit(It doesn't work if one of the maidens aren't maidens. She desires to have another child to be sired by him).
A mischievous little girl whom Shingo met when he was hospitalized for a second time. Shingo first thought she was terminally ill.
Tomoe Hongo
A female detective who often accuses Shingo of a crime he did not commit.
Tsurumai Shiori
A very pretty girl in Shingo's school with a bodyguard, considered the school's Madonna she is actually a sadist and falls for Shingo due to the pure and utter fear he displays when near her. She has a rottweiler named Alexander.
The nurse who looked after Shingo when he was hospitalized.
A ninja serving the family of Akira, who seems to have fallen for Chiryu.


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