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Girne American University
Girne Amerikan Üniversitesi
Girne Amerikan Üniversitesi.png
Motto Discendo Vivimus - We Live Through Learning
Type Non-profit University
Established 1985
Chancellor Mr. Serhat Akpinar
Vice-Chancellor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asim Vehbi
Rector Prof. Dr. Kutsal Öztürk
Students 18000
Location Kyrenia, North Cyprus

Girne American University (Turkish: Girne Amerikan Üniversitesi) is a university in Kyrenia, a city in the northern area of Cyprus. The university was founded in 1985 by Mr. Serhat Akpinar as an institution of American-style higher education.


  • Faculty of Engineering includes 7 departments; Civil Engineering,[1] Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering.
  • Faculty of Business & Economics
  • Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts: established in 1985, the Faculty has 4 departments including Department of Architecture, Department of Interior Design, Department of Graphic Design and Department of Painting.[2] The Faculty has been announced as one of the top 10 Architecture Faculties in Turkey and North Cyprus by Mimari Medya (Architecture Media Network) in 2013.[3] The master programme in Construction Management has been chosen as one of the best 100 master programmes in the world by Eduniversal in 2012 and 2013.[4][4]
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Communication
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Graduate School of Science & Technology (Engineering Master & PhD Programs)
  • Graduate School of Social Sciences (Master & PhD Programs)
  • School of Applied Sciences
  • Marine School
  • Nursing School
  • 'School of Sport and Recreation
  • School of the Performing Arts

Research Centers[edit]

Research Centre for Applied Science, Engineering and Technology[edit]

In GAU Research Centers and Laboratories advanced researches are performed in the fields of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology.[5][6][7][8][9][10]

International Center for Heritage Studies (ICHS)[edit]

The International Center for Heritage Studies (ICHS) is a research and design center founded within the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts (established since 2012) and is working on historical, landscape and archaeological research and the restoration project for the Acheiropoietos Monastery in Cyprus.[11]

International Academic Organizations[edit]


The annual International Symposium on Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Applications (ISEAIA) is a platform for researchers, practitioners, developers and educators to share their experiences in the fields of engineering, artificial intelligence and their applicationsin .[12][13]

Millennium Building.jpg

ISEAIA2013 was held between 6 and 8 November 2013 in Girne/Cyprus.[14] ISEAIA2014 was held between 5 and 7 November 2014 in Girne/Cyprus.[15]


CAUMME, Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in the Mediterranean and the Middle-East, is a series of conferences organized by AUMME. The 2nd CAUMME Conference organized by Girne American University, Yildiz Technical University and Qatar University in 2014. The organization of a biennial international symposium in different areas of architecture and urbanism constitutes the main academic activity of CAUMME series of conferences. The first CAUMME international symposium was held in 2012 at Yildiz Technical University. The main motivation of the second CAUMME international symposium was on the concept of Post-Professionalism.[16]

GAU Journal of Social and Applied Science[edit]

Girne American University publishes a scientific journal called GAU Journal of Social and Applied Science.[17][18]

Notable alumni[edit]

Some of them are:


The university is a member of the Caucasus University Association.[25]


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