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Giro or GIRO may refer to:

  • Giro, a direct payment from one bank account to another instigated by the payer; used as slang to refer to government benefit payments in the UK
  • a popular abbreviation in the UK for the Girocheque - see also Girobank
  • Girobank, a state owned and later privatised financial institution in the UK
  • GiroBank, a Danish bank (1991-1995) which through several mergers is now part of Danske Bank
  • name of a bank account with the Dutch Postgiro, later Postbank, now ING
  • Girò, an Italian wine grape
  • Giró blanc, a Spanish wine grape
  • Giro d'Italia, a bicycling Grand Tour in Italy
  • Giro (company), a U.S. manufacturer of helmets for cycling and snow sports
  • Giro, or Girouette, a character in the video game Mega Man ZX
  • Giro, a piece of orchestral music by Finnish composer Esa-Pekka Salonen
  • GIRO, Global Ionospheric Radio Observatory