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Girolamo Abos, last name also given Avos or d'Avossa and baptized Geronimo Abos (16 November 1715 – May 1760), was a Maltese-Italian composer of both operas and church music.

Born in Valletta, Malta, son of Gian Tommaso Abos, whose father was a Frenchman from Castellane and Rosa Farrugia, Abos studied under Leonardo Leo and Francesco Durante in Naples. In 1756, he became Maestro al Cembalo (Director of Music) at the Italian Theatre in London. In 1758 he returned to Italy as a teacher at the Conservatorio della Pietà de' Turchini in Naples, where Giovanni Paisiello was one of his pupils. He wrote fourteen operas for the opera houses in Naples, Rome, and London, of which Tito Manlio (Naples, 1751) was the most successful. After 1758 he composed a good deal of church music, including seven masses and several litanies. He died in Naples. Many of his sacred works, oratorios, and the opera Pelopida have been edited by the Australian musicologist and conductor Richard Divall, and are freely available.

List of operas composed by Abos[edit]

Title Genre Sub­divisions Libretto Première date Place, theatre
Zingare Le due zingare simili opera buffa Palomba Antonio Palomba 1742 1742 Naples, Teatro Nuovo
Geloso Il geloso commedia Palomba Antonio Palomba
1743-04 spring 1743 Naples, Teatro dei Fiorentini
Furberie Le furberie di Spilletto commedia per musica 3 acts (Première libretto, in Italian) 1744-02 Carnival 1744 Florence, Teatro del Cocomero
Serba La serva padrona opera buffa Federico Gennaro Antonio Federico
1744-02 Carnival 1744 Naples
Moglie La moglie gelosa commedia Palomba Antonio Palomba
1745 1745 Naples, Teatro dei Fiorentini
Adriano Adriano in Siria dramma per musica Metastasio Pietro Metastasio
1746-02 Carnival 1746 Florence, Teatro della Pergola
Artaserse Artaserse dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio Pietro Metastasio
(Première libretto, in Italian)
1746 1746 Venice, Teatro di San Giovanni Crisostomo)
Pelopida Pelopida dramma per musica 3 acts Roccaforte Gaetano Roccaforte
(Première libretto, in Italian)
1747-02 Carnival 1747 Rome, Teatro Argentina
Alessandro Alessandro nelle Indie dramma per musica 3 acts Metastasio Pietro Metastasio
(Première libretto, in Italian)
1747-07 July 1747 Ancona, Teatro La Fenice
Arianna Arianna e Teseo dramma per musica 3 acts Pariati Pietro Pariati
(Première libretto, in Italian)
1748-12-26 26 December 1748 Rome, Teatro delle Dame
Tito Tito Manlio dramma per musica Roccaforte Gaetano Roccaforte
1751-05-30 30 May 1751 Naples, Teatro San Carlo
Erifile Erifile dramma per musica 3 acts Neri Giovanni Battista Neri
(Première libretto, in Italian)
1752-02 Carnival 1752 Rome, Teatro delle Dame
Lucio Lucio Vero o sia Il Vologeso opera seria Zeno Apostolo Zeno
1752-12-18 18 December 1752 Naples, Teatro San Carlo
Medo Il Medo dramma per musica Frugoni Carlo Innocenzo Frugoni
1753-00 1753 Turin, Teatro Regio


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