Girolamo Colonna di Sciarra

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Not to be confused with Cardinal Girolamo Colonna, son of Filippo I Colonna.

Girolamo Colonna di Sciarra (8 May 1708 – 18 January 1763) was an Italian Catholic Cardinal of the noble Colonna di Sciarra family.[1]


Born in Rome, he was the brother of Prospero Colonna di Sciarra and grand-uncle of Benedetto Barberini, who, after the merger of the Barberini and Colonna families, was also referred to as Benedetto Barberini Colonna di Sciarra. He was a distant relative of Oddone Colonna, who was elected to the papacy as Pope Martin V. He was also lay abbot of Santa Maria in Sylvis, in Friuli.

Between 1756 and his death at Rome in 1763, he was Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church.