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Maharani Girraj Kaur, CI was the ruling Jat Maharani of princely state Bharatpur (1900–1918) and successor of Maharaja Ram Singh, whose ruling powers were suspended on 10 August 1900 after the murder of one of his personal servants. After an enquiry he was deposed and exiled to Agra, 27 August 1900.


Kaur was a daughter of a Zamindar of Deoli, in Bharatpur state and second wife of Maharaja Ram Singh.

She was Regent for her son from 27 August 1900 to 28 November 1918 until he became of age.

She died at Lohagarh, Bharatpur on 24 August 1922. Her successor was her son Maharaja Kishan Singh.


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Girraj Kaur
Sinsiniwar Jat dynasty
Born: ? 24 August Died: 1922
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Maharaja Ram Singh
Maharani of Bharatpur
1900–1918 AD
Succeeded by
Maharaja Kishan Singh