Girtford Halt railway station

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Girtford Halt
Place Girtford, near Sandy
Area Central Bedfordshire
Grid reference TL164503
Original company London, Midland and Scottish Railway
Platforms 1
1 January 1938[1] Opened as Girtford
July 1938 Renamed Girtford Halt
17 November 1940 Closed to passengers
1 November 1951[2] Closed to goods
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Girtford Halt was a short-lived railway halt on the Varsity Line which served the hamlet of Girtford near Sandy in Bedfordshire, England. It was opened by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway in 1938, but closed to passenger traffic two years later in 1940. The line itself closed in 1968, and the site of the railway station has been obliterated by a roundabout.


In January 1938, the LMSR opened Girtford Halt at the point where the A1 crossed the Varsity Line, a little to the north of the small hamlet from which it took its name. A siding for vegetable traffic had existed on the station site since 1863 and this remained open. Passenger facilities consisted of little more than a raised concrete platform; access was via a field to the rear of the station; tickets had to be purchased from a nearby garage. The station was, however, little used[3] and passenger services were withdrawn in November 1940, the station remaining open for freight until 1951.[4]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Blunham   British Railways
Varsity Line

Present day[edit]

No trace of the station remains and its site has been taken over by a roundabout on Georgetown Road, a new road skirting the London Road Industrial Estate.[5]


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