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Gisèle Pineau (2018)

Gisèle Pineau (born 18 May 1956)[1] is a French novelist, writer and former psychiatric nurse. Although born in Paris, her origins are Guadeloupean and she has written several books on the difficulties and torments of her childhood as a black person growing up in Parisian society.

In particular, she focuses on racism and the effects it can have on a young girl trying to discover her own cultural identity. Her book L'Exil Selon Julia highlights this, as she relies on the memories and experiences of her aged grandmother to help her learn about her society's traditions and her own cultural background. In the book, she also mentions that the discrimination she felt as a youngster did not only apply to French society in Paris, but also to the people of Guadeloupe, who rejected her for being too cosmopolitan upon her return to the land of her ancestors.

She for many years lived in Paris and, whilst maintaining her writing career, has also returned to being a psychiatric nurse in order to balance out her life; but she recently has moved back to Guadeloupe.


  • 1992: Un papillon dans la cité
  • 1993: La Grande Drive des esprits, Grand prix des lectrices de Elle
  • 1995: L'Espérance-Macadam, Prix RFO du livre (1996)
  • 1996: L'Exil selon Julia
  • 1998: L’âme prêtée aux oiseaux
  • 1998: Le cyclone Marilyn
  • 1998: Femmes des Antilles
  • 1999: Caraïbe sur Seine
  • 2001: Case mensonge
  • 2002: Chair piment
  • 2004: Les colères du Volcan
  • 2005: Fleur de barbarie
  • 2007: Mes quatre femmes
  • 2007: C'est la règle
  • 2008: Morne Câpresse
  • 2010: Folie, aller simple
  • 2010: L’odyssée d’Alizée
  • 2012: Cent Vies et des Poussières
  • 2015: Les voyages de Merry Sisal


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