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Edmond de Rothschild Group
IndustryFinancial services
FounderEdmond Adolphe de Rothschild (1926-1997)
HeadquartersGeneva, Switzerland
Key people
Benjamin de Rothschild
Ariane de Rothschild
SubsidiariesBanque privée Edmond de Rothschild
Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild

The Edmond de Rothschild Group is an international, family-owned and independent financial group, specialised in private banking, asset management, private equity, corporate finance and funds administration.[1][2]


In 1953, Edmond de Rothschild set up the Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild in Paris. This laid the groundwork for the international group through the acquisition of the Geneva-based private banking practice in 1965 and the opening of a branch in Luxembourg three years later.

In 1989, his 23-year-old son, Benjamin de Rothschild, founded the Compagnie de Trésorerie to offer advanced financial risk management services. Following the death of his father in 1997, Benjamin de Rothschild became president of the Group.[3]

Ariane de Rothschild, his wife, was appointed vice-president[4] of the Group in 2009, and was nominated chief executive of Group in January 2015.

In 2010, the LCF Rothschild[5] (La Compagnie financière) group changed its name to Edmond de Rothschild as a tribute to its founder. According to Benjamin de Rothschild,[6][7] "the Edmond de Rothschild group gathered all its banking and non-banking activities under the new heading to clarify and strengthen the Group's identity".


Edmond de Rothschild Holding S.A., the parent holding of the financial group controlled by Benjamin de Rothschild, holds:[4]

  • 77% of Edmond de Rothschild's (Switzerland) capital, the parent company of the Swiss group. The shares of the Bank are listed on the Swiss Stock-exchange.
  • 97% of Edmond de Rothschild S.A., the parent company of the French group which groups together Edmond de Rothschild (France) and Cogifrance (Compagnie Générale Immobilière de France).

Key figures[edit]

As of 30 June 2015, the Edmond de Rothschild Group employs 2700 people, is present in 33 countries and operates through 6 international management groups (Frankfurt, Geneva, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Paris) with CHF 163bn managed assets (€150bn), 47% of which comes from the Private Banking business and 53% from Asset Management.[8]


The Group's core business, private banking, offers a wide range of bespoke solutions aimed at private clients and entrepreneurs.[9][10]

Asset Management is the second strategic pillar of Edmond de Rothschild Group's activities. Financial services are offered through management mandates available in 14 countries.[11][12]

In parallel to asset management, the Group provides a diverse set of high-value added services in funds administration and asset servicing (funds structuring, management operations, central administration, custodian banking, domiciliation, private equity and real estate).[13]

Corporate finance is a historical activity of the Group, supporting shareholders in their day-to-day portfolio management (mergers & acquisitions, high value operations, financial engineering, and strategic counsel in real estate).[14]

Socially responsible investments[edit]

In 2015, the Group invested in more than EUR 3,5bn in socially responsible investments.[15] These investments included investment funds for biotechnologies, decontamination, agroforestry and Africa.[16]

Between 2014 and 2015, Amethis Finance (a private investment fund dedicated to responsible investments in Africa, of which Edmond de Rothschild is the majority shareholder[17]) raised 400 million dollars in equity and debt, within the banking, insurance and micro-finance sectors (in Ghana,[18] in Kenya,[19] in the Ivory Coast,[20] Madagascar[21] and Mauritius[22]), health (in the Ivory Coast and Morocco[23]) and food distribution.[24]

The Edmond de Rothschild group also launched the Moringa Fund, the first fund of its kind to be dedicated to sustainable agroforestry, with 67 million EUR assets under management. The fund generated 8000 jobs, 45 000 collaborations with small farmers and 40 000 reforested hectares.[25][26]

The Group also launched Gingko, a private fund dedicated to the remediation of contaminated and industrial wastelands, with 81 million EUR under management in 7 projects across France and Belgium.[27] The fund led to the construction of 300 housing units and 5000 jobs.[28][29]

Other group activities[edit]

Ariane and Benjamin de Rothschild both advanced entrepreneurial activities through investments in wineries in Bordeaux (Château Clarke, Château Malmaison, Château des Laurets), in South Africa with Ruppert family and in Argentina. The Group also owns the Domaine du Mont d'Arbois in Megève, as well as a farming business, le Domaine des Trente Arpents in Tournan in Brie. Benjamin de Rothschild also owns the French structure of the Gitana Team sailing race, which was created in 2000.[30]

Philanthropic activities[edit]

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations centre on the dignity and empowerment of each individual. Their focus areas are education, arts and culture, social entrepreneurship, cross-cultural dialogue and health research.

Education is at the heart of Edmond de Rothschild Group's philanthropic commitments. Since 2008, Benjamin de Rothschild has contributed to numerous universities in the world (Columbia in New York, Cambridge in the UK, Boulle in Paris, Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The family foundations have also developed social entrepreneurship programmes, such as Scale Up, Rothschild-Antropia at l'Essec,[31] and the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship which aims to create a transatlantic network of social innovators.

Group governance[edit]

  • Presidency : Benjamin de Rothschild (since 1997)
  • Vice-presidency : Ariane de Rothschild (since 2009)

Executive Committee[edit]

  • Ariane de Rothschild : Chair of the Executive Committee
  • Yves Aeschlimann : Group Head of Legal and Compliance
  • Emmanuel Fievet : CEO Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) S.A.
  • Jean-Christophe Pernollet : Group Chief of Risk & Credit
  • Vincent Taupin : CEO Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management[32]
  • Cynthia Tobiano : Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Emanuela Bonadiman : Group Head of Human Resources
  • Pierre-Etienne Durand : Group Head of Strategy and International Development
  • Robert Jenkins: Chief brand and marketing officer[33]
  • Sabine Rabald : Group Chief Operating Officer

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