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Central Gitarama
Central Gitarama
Gitarama is located in Rwanda
Location in Rwanda
Coordinates: 02°04′48″S 29°45′00″E / 2.08000°S 29.75000°E / -2.08000; 29.75000
Country Flag of Rwanda.svg Rwanda
Province Southern Province
District Muhanga District
City Gitarama City Council
Elevation 5,945 ft (1,812 m)
Population (2015)
 • Total 87,613
Climate Aw

Gitarama is a city in Rwanda, in the Muhanga District, in Southern Province—at the coordinates 2° 4' 48.00"S, 29° 45' 0.00"E (Latitude:2.0800; Longitude:29.7500). The city is 5,945 feet (1,812 m), above sea level.[1]

Though officially part of the Southern Province, Gitarama is geographically in central Rwanda, approximately 45 kilometres (28 mi) by road southwest of Kigali, Rwanda's capital and largest city.[2] This location lies approximately 85 kilometres (53 mi), north of Kibeho, in Nyaruguru District, the southernmost district in Southern Province.[3] The provincial headquarters at Nyanza in Nyanza District lie about 40 kilometres (25 mi), by road, directly south of Gitarama.[4]


Gitarama is the second-largest city in Rwanda, behind Kigali, the capital. Gitarama is the capital and largest metropolitan area in the district of Muhanga. Due to its geographical location, the city serves as the gateway to the west and south of the country. During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Gitarama was the seat of the provisional government. The city has many amenities, including the ones listed below:[5]

Administration & Public safety
  • The offices of Muhanga District Administration
  • The offices of Muhanga District Council
  • The offices of Gitarama City Council
  • Gitarama Police Station
  • Gitarama City Jail
  • Muhanga District Prison
  • Muhanga High Court Building
Educational institutions
  • St. Leon Minor Seminary, Kabgayi
  • Kabgayi Major Seminary
  • St. Joseph Primary School
  • St. Joseph Secondary School
  • St. Elizabeth Nurses & Midwives College
  • Kabgayi Technical College
  • Kabgayi Catholic Institute
  • Catholic University of Rwanda
  • Gitarama Adventist Secondary School
  • St. Marie-Reine Secondary School
  • Groupe Scolaire de Nyabikenke
  • College de Karambi
  • College Adventiste de Gitwe
Public Service
  • Kabgayi Hospital
  • Gitarama Regional Stadium
  • Gitarama Bus Station
  • Muhanga Cultural Center
  • Kabgayi Minor Basilica
  • St. Andrew's Pastoral Center
  • Muhanga Zion Temple
  • St. Andrew's Church


The 2002 national census put the city's population at 84,669. In 2004, the population of Gitarama was estimated at 87,613 people.[7]

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Coordinates: 02°04′48″S 29°45′00″E / 2.08000°S 29.75000°E / -2.08000; 29.75000