Giudice of Arborea

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The Giudicati of Sardinia.
Marriage of Eleanor and Brancaleone.

The Giudici (from the Latin iudices and the Sardinian judikes, "judges," the title of the Byzantine officials left behind when Imperial power receded in the West) of Arborea were the local rulers of the west of Sardinia during the Middle Ages. Theirs was the longest-lasting giudicato, surviving as an independent state until the fifteenth century.

House of Lacon Gunale[edit]

House of Lacon Serra[edit]

House of Bas Serra (Baux Serra)[edit]

House of Doria Bas (Doria Baux)[edit]

House of Narbonne[edit]

Sold to Crown of Aragon. Following were titular rulers.

Rights passed to the House of Alagona, lords of Sastago and Pina, whom the Aragonese deposed as result of the revolt.