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Giuliano Pesello, whose actual name was Giuliano d'Arrigho, but was known as Pesello,(ca. 1367 - 1446) was an Italian painter of the early-Renaissance period, active mainly in Florence. He was a pupil of the painter Andrea del Castagno. Vasari states he painted drawings of animals with skill. His son in law Stefano di Francesco (died 1427) was a painter, and when he died, leaving a very young son, Francesco Pesellino, Pesello brought up and initially trained his grandson. "Pesellino", who took his grandfather's name, and is best known by the diminutive nickname, later became a pupil of Filippo Lippi and a significant painter, who appears to have inherited his grandfather's studio, where he is recorded in 1447. He worked for Cosimo de' Medici, and was highly thought of by contemporaries, but no surviving works can be securely attributed to him.



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