Giulio Antonio Acquaviva

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Giulio Antonio Acquaviva.

Giulio Antonio Acquaviva (c. 1425 – February 7, 1481) was an Italian nobleman and condottiere.

Born at Atri, he was a member of a patrician family of the Kingdom of Naples with large estates in Abruzzo, and held the titles of Duke of Atri, Count of San Flaviano and Giulianova, Lord of Forcella, Roseto, Padula, and was the first Duke of Teramo. By his marriage with Caterina del Balzo Orsini, his family obtained the title of counts of Conversano, which they retained until the early nineteenth century. In 1479 he obtained from the Neapolitan king the surname "Acquaviva of Aragon".

As a general, he distinguished himself in the successful reconquest of Otranto from the Ottomans in 1481. Giulio Antonio died at Minervino di Lecce, and was succeeded in Conversano by his son Andrea Matteo. An other son was Belisario Acquaviva. His latter day descendants include: Giulio Antonio Acquaviva (c 1808- 1836), Naples Italy, Príncipe Giuseppe Colonna Acquaviva (c 1835-1905), Naples Campania, Italy; Maria Acquaviva (c 1855- 1905) Naples, and Anna Maria Acquaviva di Lorenzo (c 1883- 1956), Naples Campania, Italy.