Giuseppe Antonio Landi

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Giuseppe Antonio Landi (30 October 1713 – 22 June 1791) was an 18th-century Italian neoclassical architect and painter of quadratura.

Landi was born in Bologna. He was a pupil of Ferdinando Galli-Bibiena, and was received as an Academician of Bologna, where he was professor of architecture and perspective. Most of his famous buildings are located in Belém, Brazil, where he spent his life after 1753. He died in Belém. His manuscript on the natural history of the Amazon,“Descrizione di varie piante, frutti, animali, passeri, pesci, biscie, rasine, e altre simili cose che si ritrovano in questa Cappitania del Gran Parà” (ca. 1775), has been annotated by zoologists Nelson Papavero, Dantes Teixeira, and botanist Paulo Cavalcante and published by the Emilio Goeldi Museum of Pará. Landi is referred to as Antônio José Landi in most Brazilian publications. The most comprehensive biography of Landi is due to the Portuguese historian Isabel Mayer Godinho Mendonça: "António José Landi (1713/1791) - Um artista entre dois continentes", published in Lisbon in 2003.