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Osservatorio Giuseppe Conzo - Giuseppe Conzo is an Italian amateur astronomer and member of the Pro-Am Collaborative Astronomy (PACA) Project.[1] He carries out visual observation and astrophotography in the future will be active in research and extrasolar planets. The purpose of this position is both to study the heavens and to understand the complex mechanisms, and dissemination of Astronomy.


The observatory has a large terrace of 100 square meters on which there are almost 180 degrees of sky, under a clear sky typical seaside resort. The hotel has an ideal first telescope for visual observations, Dobson with a primary mirror 30 cm in diameter and focal ratio f / 5. A second telescope (in draft) will be used for digital photography and survey transits of extrasolar planets. It 'also a small exhibition area in which they are preserved meteorite samples arrived on Earth in various kinds.

Tours are held regularly (once a month except in special cases or adverse weather conditions) evenings are open to all public comments.


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Coordinates: 41°15′10″N 13°42′58″E / 41.25278°N 13.71611°E / 41.25278; 13.71611