Statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi (New York City)

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Statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi
Garibaldi Washington Square Park.jpg
The sculpture in 2005
Statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi is located in Lower Manhattan
Statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi
Statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi
Location in Lower Manhattan
ArtistGiovanni Turini
Year1888 (1888)
SubjectGiuseppe Garibaldi
LocationNew York City, New York, United States
Coordinates40°43′50″N 73°59′49″W / 40.73043°N 73.99686°W / 40.73043; -73.99686Coordinates: 40°43′50″N 73°59′49″W / 40.73043°N 73.99686°W / 40.73043; -73.99686

An outdoor bronze sculpture of Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the leaders of Italian unification, is installed in Washington Square Park in Manhattan, New York. The statue and its granite pedestal were created by Giovanni Turini upon the organization of the editors of the newspaper Il Progresso Italo-Americano to raise funds to commemorate Garibaldi after his death.[1] Turini was a volunteer member of Garibaldi's Fourth Regiment in the campaign against Austria in 1866. The statue was dedicated on June 4, 1888.[2]

In 1970, in order to construct a new promenade through the park, the statue was moved fifteen feet to the east. During its movement, a glass vessel from the 1880s was discovered beneath the statue containing newspaper articles of Garibaldi's death, a history of the Committee for the Monument of Garibaldi, and poster and news clippings describing the statue's dedication.[1]

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