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Giuseppe Jappelli; portrait by Michele Fanoli (1807-1876)
Teatro Verdi

Giuseppe Jappelli (14 May 1783 – 8 May 1852) was an Italian neoclassic architect and engineer who was born and died in Venice. He studied at the Clementine Academy in Bologna. In 1836–7, he traveled to France and England, an experience that would be formative on his career as a park architect. His best-known work is the Pedrocchi Café in Padua. Among his other projects are:


  • Slaughter-house in Padua (1819–1824), now the Institute of Art
  • The Loggia Amulea (1825)
  • The University city of Padua (1824)
  • The prison in Padua (1822)
  • The Pedrocchi Café in Padua (1831)
  • The Teatro Verdi in Padua (1847)


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