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Villa La Petraia by Giusto Utens

Giusto Utens or Justus Utens (died 1609) was a Flemish painter who is remembered for the series of Medicean villas in lunette form that he painted for the third grand duke of Tuscany, Ferdinando I, in 1599–1602.[1]

He moved to Carrara about 1580, where he married, and where later he returned and died.

The Medici villas illustrated by Utens from a bird's-eye perspective are:

The three missing lunettes are thought to be the Villa di Artimino and perhaps the Villa Medici di Careggi. In the early twentieth century an anonymous artist completed the scheme, based on eighteenth-century vedute illustrating the villa at Careggi, that at Cerreto Guidi and Poggio Imperiale, which in the sixteenth century was still the Villa di Poggio Baroncelli.

Lunettes of the Medicean villas[edit]

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  1. ^ Of seventeen, fourteen have survived, some in storage at Palazzo Pitti, others in the history museum of Florence, the Museo di Firenze com'era.

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