Giv'ot Bar

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Giv'ot Bar
גִּבְעוֹת בַּר
Giv'ot Bar is located in Israel
Giv'ot Bar
Giv'ot Bar
Coordinates: 31°21′23.76″N 34°45′22.31″E / 31.3566000°N 34.7561972°E / 31.3566000; 34.7561972Coordinates: 31°21′23.76″N 34°45′22.31″E / 31.3566000°N 34.7561972°E / 31.3566000; 34.7561972
District Southern
Council Bnei Shimon
Founded 2004
Population (2015)[1] 815
Name meaning Grain Hills

Giv'ot Bar (Hebrew: גִּבְעוֹת בַּר‎, lit. Grain Hills) is a community settlement in the northern Negev desert of southern Israel. Located to the south of Rahat, it falls under the jurisdiction of Bnei Shimon Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 815.[1]


The village was established in 2004. Initially there were problems with acquiring the land from the Bedouins living in the area, but in 2004 mobile homes were moved onto the site. The village's name was given to it due to the wheat silos in the surrounding farms and the fact that it was located in a hilly area.


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