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Give2Asia is a diaspora giving organization founded in 2001 by The Asia Foundation to serve as a funding channel for diaspora philanthropy from the United States of America to many Asian countries. It is based in San Francisco, CA. Currently, Give2Asia has a presence in 21 countries throughout Asia.[1]

Give2Asia works mostly with individuals, families, foundations and corporations to establish a social responsibility and philanthropy presence in Asia. As of April 2008, the organization claimed to serve over 3,000 donors giving approximately $82 million in donation aid.[2] The philanthropic organization also allows control over the endowment process, giving corporations the opportunity to structure their donations and to decide how, where, and over what time periods the endowments are dispersed. Though known as an innovative institution in assisting the mechanism of diaspora giving, its aid in the transition of the diasporic community to truly strategic philanthropy remains suspect.[3]


The organizational structure of Give2Asia is a corporate hierarchy with 5 board officials and 22 members on the board of trustees as well as a 12 staff based in San Francisco, CA and three staff based in Beijing, China. The San Francisco-based staff is further broken down to CEO, CFO, Director of Philanthropy, Director of Programs, Director of Marketing, Program Officers, Finance Associate, Senior Program Officers, and Program Associates. Bill S. Kim currently serves as chairman of the board, having received the nomination in October 2007.[4]

Breakdown of Aid[edit]

In its FY2009 annual report, Give2Asia's documented donation percentages showed that one third of Give2Asia's funding goes to China and another third goes to India. Another quarter of total funding went to Southeast Asia, with the remaining funding going to Central Asia, Japan, Korea and Australia.

A majority of Give2Asia's donations go to healthcare and education projects, with moderate donations in disaster relief, social services, and women's issues decreasing respectively.

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