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GiveALink is a non-commercial social bookmarking website. It is an academic research project, started at Indiana University Bloomington, with the goal of analyzing the structure and content of bookmark files in order to build a new generation of Web mining techniques and new ways to search, recommend, surf, personalize and visualize the Web.

GiveALink features a search engine which, given a URL, finds other Web pages that people bookmark together with it (i.e. similar Web pages). The search engine also supports keyword search and the results can be personalized based on the user's submitted bookmark files. In addition, users can view, organize, augment their bookmarks online, as well as download their bookmark files to several computers.

All of the (anonymized) data at GiveALink is available online to other researchers and Internet users. You can download the URL collection, matrix containing similarity values for pairs of URLs, and the output from several ranking algorithms. Search results can be obtained in XML format through an RSS feed, to help you integrate them into your own applications.

GiveALink uses the existing hierarchical structure in bookmark files (folders and subfolders), as well as collaborative filtering techniques, to measure similarity between Web pages. This means that if many people put two URLs in the same folder in their bookmarks, then these two URLs are considered similar.

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