Give (EP)

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Cold give.jpg
EP by Cold
Released 1998
Genre Alternative metal, nu metal
Length 3:48
Label Flip/AM Records

Give is an EP and single by American rock band Cold.

Track listing[edit]


No. Title Length
1. "Give (LP Version" 3:48
2. "Blame" 4:20
3. "Makes Her Sick (LP Version)" 4:01
4. "Give" (Alternative Mix) 3:53
No. Title Length
1. "Give (Edit)" 3:48
2. "Makes Her Sick" 4:01


All songs

  • Written by Scooter Ward
  • Mixed by Terry Date
  • Production and Recording by Ross Robinson
  • Executive Producer Jordan Schur
  • Engineered by Richard Kaplan
  • "Blame" Additional Vocals: Fred Durst
  • Fred Durst Appears Courtesy of Flip/Interscope Records
  • 1998 Flip/A&M Records
  • Released in United Kingdom