Give Blood (song)

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"Give Blood"
Give Blood.jpg
Single by Pete Townshend
from the album White City: A Novel
Released 1986 (1986)
Recorded 1985 at Eel Pie Studio, Twickenham; Eel Pie Studio, Soho, London; A.I.R. Studios, London
Genre Rock
Length 5:44
Label Atco
Songwriter(s) Pete Townshend
Producer(s) Chris Thomas
Pete Townshend singles chronology
"Face the Face"
"Give Blood"
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"Face the Face"
"'Give Blood'"
(US, 1986)
"I Won't Run Anymore"
(UK, 1989)

"Give Blood" is a song by Pete Townshend, the guitarist for The Who. The song is the opening track for Townshend's fourth solo album, a concept album titled White City: A Novel, and was released as a single.

When Townshend was asked about the song he said:[1]

Give Blood was one of the tracks I didn't even play on. I brought in Simon Phillips, Pino Palladino and David Gilmour simply because I wanted to see my three favourite musicians of the time playing on something and, in fact, I didn't have a song for them to work on, and sat down very, very quickly and rifled threw [sic] a box of stuff, said to Dave, "Do one of those kind of ricky-ticky-ricky-ticky things, and I'll shout 'Give Blood!' in the microphone every five minutes and let's see what happens." And that's what happened. Then I constructed the song around what they did.

The single failed to chart in the US or UK but reached number 5 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Charts.[2]

"Give Blood" features Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour on guitar. He also appears on another song from the album, "White City Fighting" the music for which was written by Gilmour.


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